Our History



Beautiful Concept of making “A Cake For Happiness”.

The Our History start from the small idea


Hey, This is Ankur. Like any other Hotel Management guy, I wanted to join a large hotel chain. Luckily I got a break into Marriott and spent some time there. It was a great, life-moulding experience there, but I eventually realised this is not what I want. My inner want was to be ‘happy’, surrounded by ‘happy’ people (mostly friends and family), and making them happier.

In almost all key or non-key occasions, I made cakes for my people. My play with flavours and bases made me happy, and the taste of cake made them happy. They said ‘ why don’t you start making and selling cakes’, and bam!, CAKERY was born. At Cakery, we make A CAKE FOR HAPPINESS. Now, I do something which makes me happy and then pass it on to my clients. Client testimonials mean everything to me!

My latest passion is to deliver flavorful cakes for the health conscious. Obesity is our national problem and let’s fight it together. Every cake you buy from Cakery is developed by expert chefs, who make sure that the nutrients are right, fats are low, while the flavour is not compromised. Try it- your tongue will tell you the story 🙂 Also, since it’s about making everyone happy, a certain portion of all purchases you make is used to facilitate the living of the unprivileged. We use that amount to feed poor, teach poor children, or even buy slippers for old during hot summers.


What Cakery have

For Delivering  A Cake for Happiness.

  • Good Quality Cake’s.
  • Expertise in Sugar Free Cake’s and Protein Cake’s.
  • Customized your own Cake.
  • Combo Offers.
  • Strong Delivery System.
  • Midnight Delivery.
  • Large Variety of Cake’s.
  • 24*7 Customer Assistance
  • Easy Payment methods.
  • Festive Offers and Discounts.

Why choose cake’s from us.

Best Service

We have a very strong network for delivery of cake by which we can delivery within 4 hour of order time as well as we provide Midnight Delivery and combo offers which contain flowers and gifts and Here We also customized cake’s according to the needs of customers.

Good Product

We use one of the best creams and the raw materials which are enriched the quality of the cake.We give customer freedom to design your own cake as well as recommends their needs in the cake to us so that you can enjoy your cake according to your wants.

Always Ask Why

Our bakery experts will help facilitate your next innovation to stay on top of your market. Considering that there are several thousand varieties of breads, cakes, biscuits and pastries it is near to impossible to master them all by heart. 



A very good bakery for cakes especially for taste and design. Customized cakes are also made as per choice. Cost efficient and home delivery is also a plus point.

Ritu Mittal

Meet Our Team

Ankur Sharma
Ankur Sharma

Chef & Ops.

Nitesh Kumar
Nitesh Kumar